Sunday, December 23, 2012

New soundtrack: Skyfall

For me, James Bond movies aren't just about the movie. They're also about the music. John Barry's scores for the first few films got me into movie music in the first place -- and now, all these years later, a new composer has taken the reigns. •• Thomas Newman, a wonderful and gifted composer -- has scored Skyfall, and it's a brilliant piece of work, as surprising and as welcome as the film itself. His score is fast, propulsive, and powerful -- and it has something recent 007 scores have lacked: melody. Newman brings his usual sense of melody to the film, upping the class factor...and the ante on suspense. •• The film's title song, sung by Adele, isn't on the CD, but it's easily downloaded. But beyond the song, which is terrific, there's a lot here to love. If you're into great movie music -- and Bond music in particular -- don't miss Skyfall, the soundtrack.

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