Monday, October 10, 2011

Glee - The 2nd Season

No one can deny the sophomore slump—and it's especially poetic when it happens to a TV show about high school. Personally, I loved the second season of Glee, but there are detractors. There are those who think the show last season was too focused on the kids' love lives, be they straight, gay, or both of the above.

Fact is, while I loved it, the season did have some hiccups. Though it had a lot of fans, I thought the Rocky Horror adaptation was just wrong, on so many levels. Kids in high school might go see Rocky Horror, but meeting the TV sensors required some of the best lines of certain songs to be changed—thus rendering Rocky not so horrific. In other words, if PG-13-rated lines had to become G-rated lines, why do Rocky Horror? There are other choice, such as this season's West Side Story (we'll see how that turns out). I sat there shaking my head at both the Glee people and the TV sensor people.

Anyway, my own little dramas aside, the second season was amazing television. Kirk and Blaine kissed‚ and I mean they kissed. And I don't mean they pecked. I mean they kissed. It was a glorious thing to see on prime time TV.

And then there's the music, which is Glee's big draw from week to week. What songs will they use? Who will sing them? Will they soar or will they suck? The season saw lot of soaring and some sucking—par for the course, really.

The young singer Charice, guesting, blew the walls out with "Listen." Heather Morris rocked "I'm a Slave for You," both as singer and dancer. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer reincarnated Garland and  Streisand brilliantly on "Get Happy/Happy Days are Here Again." Guest star Gwyneth Patrow brought new fire to  "Forget You" and especially Adele's "Turning Tables." The cast thrilled with a mash-up of "Thriller" and "Heads will Roll." There were original songs such as 'Loser Like Me" and "Light Up the World." And new cast member Darren Criss reinvigorated 'Teenage Dream," the series biggest-selling single to date. And that's just scratching the surface.

Naturally, there are CDs of all this music—and all of these performances and a tons more is captured in the new DVD set of Glee's second season, along with extras that take you into the making of the Rocky Horror and New York City episodes, and much more.

Though season three has started with a bang, there are no new episodes til November. So if you haven't caught up on season two yet, you have time to get through all 22 episodes on DVD. And even if you have seen them all, why not enjoy them all again?

What are you waiting for? Forget your troubles, come on get happy. Get Glee.

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