Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Avatar on DVD (again)

James Cameron’s Avatar, whether you like it or not, certainly made an impression. 3D movies are all the rage now—unfortunately—and those of us who are sick of paying a premium for the sometimes shoddy experience just have to wait it out. While Avatar is sometimes fun to watch, there’s almost too much here to see, with the entire world of the film realized down to the shape of the dew on blades of grass. When did “less is more” fall by the wayside? The new 3-DVD Extended Collector’s Edition set includes three versions of the film, with three hours of extras that take you behind the scenes and show you over 45 minutes of deleted scenes. The three editions are the theatrical version, the special edition re-release, and the extended cut which includes 16 extra minutes. Now, to seems, Cameron is king of the 3D world. Though he certainly pushes the envelope, one does wish he would go back to simply making movies. You know, on occasion.

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