Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Strunz & Farah to Release 16th Album

Masters of the classical guitar, the Grammy-nominated duo of Strunz & Farah will release Fantaseo, their 16th album, in mid-October.

Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah have been performing together since 1980. From Costa Rica and Iran respectively, their meeting marked the first time that Latin American and Middle Eastern music came together on the guitar.

For those who haven’t heard them, on their Web site, Strunz & Farah attempt to explain their music:

Often mistaken for flamenco, the music is not, although flamenco is one influence. Flamenco is a Southern Spanish form played strictly with fingernails (no plectrum) and which follows specific rhythmic and harmonic rules for each toque or form. True improvisation, a major feature of Strunz & Farah's music, is not found in flamenco, where the music is structured in what are known as falsetas, or short passages that are composed. It is the assembly of the falsetas that is improvised in flamenco, which ones where and when.

There’s more, of course, all quite interesting. If you get the chance, try for both a listen and a read.

Fantaseo includes nine new compositions and brings together an international ensemble including violin, bass, Latin and Middle Eastern percussion and the Armenian shvi. As well, nternationally renowned jazz flutist Hubert Laws joins them on “Luxuriance.”

“This album represents a more eclectic and lyrical expression than the previous few releases,” says Jorge Strunz.

Fantaseo goes on sale October 17th.

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