Saturday, June 10, 2006

Seger to Release New Album

Detroit rocker Bob Seger will release his first studio album in 11 years, according to Reuters. Capitol Records will release Face the Promise on September 12. We can expect to see a single from that album, "Wait For Me," in early July. Says Reuters:
Seger produced the new album, which was recorded in Detroit and Nashville. He is still making final decisions on songs and sequence, but the album is likely to include the title track, which he calls a "big, storming rocker," and a duet with Kid Rock on Vince Gill's Merle Haggard tribute, "Real Mean Bottle."
Seger's last studio album, 1995's It's A Mystery, mostly underwhelmed his fans. Seger himself referred to it as his "garage album," but it may have been a side of the artist fans weren't prepared to welcome. Even Seger's hometown rag, The Detroit Free Press, said It's A Mystery "is an often plastic affair, crammed with drum machines, synthesizers, tepid lyrics and vocal melodrama..." Though bad reviews weren't universal, the album certainly didn't do as well as earlier Seger efforts.

For everything about Bob Seger (except, at the time of this writing, word of this new album) check the well run fan site, The Seger File.

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